George Washington's Unsung Heroes by Marc J. Stockwell-Moniz
John Paul Jones, Henry Knox, Abigail Adams, Marquis de Lafayette, Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben, Nathanael Green
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George Washington's Unsung Heroes


Congratulations to Marc Moniz who is a finalist for Foreward Magazine's 2005 Book of the Year Award.

George Washington's Unsung Heroes by Marc J. Stockwell-Moniz

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He Couldn't Have Done it Without Them. The Men and Women Who Helped Win the American Revolution

Do You Have Any Friends Like These?

If you were alive in the days of the American Revolution, chances are you would have known some of these people. Maybe you wouldn’t have bumped into George Washington, but you could have lived near Joseph Plumb Martin, the 14 year old who ran away from home to enlist in the army and fight for freedom.

Francis Marion might have been a friend of your father and mother. He became known as the Swamp Fox. No matter how hard the British tried—and they tried very hard because he caused them a lot of trouble— they could never catch him.

Abigail Adams and her seven year old son, John Quincy, watched the Battle of Bunker Hill from a hilltop near their home! Her husband, John Adams, became the second president of the United States. She encouraged him to support many important issues that would benefit women. And when John Quincy became the 6th US president, she became the first woman to be both wife and mother to a president.

This is not just any old history book. This is a book about the adventures of real people, men and women of all colors, religions and nationalities, who made America truly the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Spend a little time with them. Enjoy becoming their friends.

American Revolution Heroes